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Friday, December 28, 2012

TEMPTATION'S TOUCH by Cheryl Pierson

Today, I’m celebrating my latest novel release, TEMPTATION’S TOUCH. It’s a contemporary romantic suspense novel—not what I usually write. Though this is my second novel in that particular genre, and I have written numerous short stories in that classification, I seemed to struggle with this one. That’s part of what I wanted to talk about today—the struggle.

I began this novel four years ago. To be so short, you wouldn’t think it would have taken a person so long to get it written and get it “out there”—but things don’t always turn out like we expect them to.

I had this great idea—a young divorcee, living in the country near Dallas, awakens in the night to the sound of a truck motor running. She’s had trouble with the local high school wild bunch, throwing parties on her land down by the creek. Well, she has had enough of that! She takes off in the darkness to tell the teens their partying days on her land are over. But when she gets to the creek, the scene is nothing like what she had expected. No party. No kids.

A murder is about to take place, and even though she has her gun, she is so terrified, she can’t do anything to stop it. The two murderers drive away, and Kendi hurries to the man who has been shot. But he’s not dead—only beaten within an inch of his life. Now, Kendi faces the biggest decision of her life—does she leave him exposed to the elements until an ambulance can get there? Or does she take him back home with her? No matter what she does, he’s demanded that she not call 911, telling her if she does, both of their lives could be in danger.

I wrote like crazy, but was interrupted by REAL LIFE over and over again. Finally, I put the book aside, even though I was nearly finished with it—with all the harrowing twists and turns and the wonderful roller coaster of emotions…I put it on the shelf until things calmed down.

Close to two and a half years later, I pulled it out and began to work on it, to get it finished, and then to edit the finished product. I submitted it to The Wild Rose Press, and my wonderful editor there, Lori Graham, was as excited about it as I was. Though we finished the edits on it and had it ready to go by early spring, the release date was not set until October 24, 2012.

Finally the day arrived…and none of my “buy” links were live at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any of the other sites. I wanted to cry. But within another 48 hours most of the links had gone live, and it only meant putting off my announcement of my release date for a short time.

Now, TEMPTATION’S TOUCH is out there and though it’s not a western historical, it’s still a wonderful love story of two broken hearts that find each other under the oddest of circumstances, proving that love will find a way, even when it seems impossible.

Blurb: When Kendi Morgan stumbles upon the victim of a would-be murder, she has no choice but to help him back to the safety of her home. Wounded DEA agent Jackson Taylor
is a man with nothing to lose and nothing to fear. Can their newfound love survive as they are targeted by a powerful drug lord seeking revenge?

Kendi glanced up the remaining five stairs. So close.
She looked at Jackson again and saw the steel in his expression.
“Just give me…a minute, Kendi.”
“Don’t fall—”
“I won’t. Not gonna break my neck…since you’ve gone to all this trouble.”
He was teasing her. She heard it, but she was still worried. He looked unsteady, still—all six feet
two inches of him. Her eyes ranged over him, finally meeting his dark gaze. “I told you—don’t be so
“Aren’t you?” she breathed.
“Uh-uh.” He gave her a quick semblance of a grin through swollen lips. “I’m still here—still standin’.”
Not for long, Kendi wanted to retort.
“You’re thinkin’ it’s a close thing,” he muttered, “me…standin’ yet.”
“Well, I’m right, aren’t I?”
“Maybe. But I’m not afraid.”
“Why not, Jack? After what you’ve been through—”
“Where I’m headed looks better than where I’ve been.”
They took the last step, gaining the wide landing.
“‘Where you’ve been…where was that?” She was moments away from tucking a stranger into her bed.
She moistened her lips, suddenly nervous. “I mean— you could be anybody.”
“I’m a DEA agent.”
She let Jack’s weight shift to the side of the mattress, then bent to unbuckle his belt. She looked into his face, her fingers faltering at the button placket of the faded jeans he wore.
His swollen eyes held hers. “You’re safe with me.”

What would you do if you were in Kendi’s place? Leave the “victim” out in the freezing rain, or bring him to the house? Now remember, even though he’s been severely beaten, there’s a spark of chemistry between them she can’t ignore…

My first venture into contemporary romantic suspense, SWEET DANGER, is also available at Amazon and B&N. https://www.amazon.com/author/cherylpierson


  1. Congrats on the terrific new book, Cheryl. I love the ocnflict in her heart, whether to take him in or not. Good luck and tons of success with this book and all those yet to come. xoxox

    1. Hi Tanya! Thanks so much for coming by and commenting--I know things are really hectic right now for everyone. I don't know if I would bring him in in real life, but I like to think I would. LOL Especially if he was hunkish. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I read Sweet Danger when it first published. My heart stuck in my throat for most of it. I was plastered to the pages, unable to let it go because I had to know the outcome.
    A friend sent me a print copy of Temptation's Touch and I am presently just past the middle. Talk about unexpected twists and surprises, wow. I never saw one of them coming. Even though it took you a while to sort it out, you stuck with it and wrote a story worth the reading.
    I've struggled with books, too. I got writer's block with Harmonica Joe and I drifted away from my Depression era western--just not feeling it. I learned to step back when I stall out and get another perspective.I have outlines for other stories and sometimes I have to go to a project that calls to me to get back my enthusiasm.
    Great blog, Cheryl.

    1. Oh, Sarah, I'm so glad to know how much you enjoyed SWEET DANGER! I was really worried about that one since it was my first book in a different genre. Sometimes, like you, I'm just not feeling what I need to be to keep on writing, and that's why I usually have 3 or 4 projects going at once, so I can switch off. I'm glad to know you're enjoying TEMPTATION'S TOUCH, too. It's shorter than SD, and I really did enjoy the little twists and turns it took. You'll have to let me know when you finish it!

  3. I love the sound of this story Cheryl. Like you and Sarah, I have to stand back when I get stuck on a story. I'm looking forward to reading this. All the best for 2013


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