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Monday, April 15, 2013

Celebrate National Library Week!

by: Stephanie Burkhart

It's National Library Week! If you have a chance, stop in and say "Hi" to a Librarian. Let 'em know they're appreciated.

I'm a firm believer in libraries.  They gave me my start in reading. I remember as a young girl visiting the Manchester, NH Library – it was huge! Okay, it smelled a little stale, (hey, it was the 1970's!) but I knew it was a gateway to other places and adventures. My favorite sections involved dinosaurs and venturing into space. Then I discovered mysteries and the Hardy Boys. As a teenager, I explored the gothic worlds of VC Andrews and Victoria Holt. The big thing about the library for me growing up, was it gave me a chance to explore; it fostered my curiosity, and it influenced a love of reading that inspired me to become an author.
My childhood library in Manchester, NH
National Library Week started in the mid 1950's here in the U.S. The ALA (American Library Association) wanted people to spend more time with books and less on TV and Radio! (funny, how that is, isn't it?)

This year's theme:  Communities Matter @ Your Library

Libraries do a lot of us.  First, you can always find a good book at the library. With modern technology, many have books to loan for ereaders. Libraries have movies and music to borrow. When I was stationed overseas in Germany, the library was like a pirate's treasure chest to me. Libraries offer children activities including story times, arts and crafts, and computer games. They also offer Internet service and book clubs.  College and University libraries even host job fairs.

For Authors:
Authors can always go to their local library and participate by doing a story time for children. Authors might be able to arrange for a book signing, a book reading, a poetry reading or even conduct a writing panel at the local library.

During this week special days celebrate library workers, bookmobiles, and teen literature day.

There are all kinds of libraries – public, school, academic, and presidential. Just last weekend, the boys and I visited the Nixon Presidential Library. It was very modest compared to Reagan's. I was surprised to discover the house Nixon was born in was still on the property. I also discovered how Nixon moved a nation forward in a positive way. Sometimes I think we forget that about him in light of what he's best known for – Watergate.

Question for you: Have you been to a library lately? How does your library support your community? I'd love to hear stories about your library.

If you take a picture of you and your library card, or you in front of library and share it with us in the comment box, you'll be entered to win $10.00 GC to Amazon or Barnes & Noble – winner's choice.

Thanks so much for supporting your library this week. 

Me, my library card & my library 2012
Author Bio: Stephanie Burkhart is a 911 Dispatcher with LAPD. You can find her romance novels with Desert Breeze Publishing and Victory Tales Press. Her children's books include The Giving Meadow and First Flag of New Hampshire with 4RV Publishing. She's addicted to coffee and adores chocolate. She's the proud mom of a Boy Scout and a Cub Scout and loves walking and hiking, time permitting.

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  1. I love libraries! I love the smell, the books, the old leather, the battered carrels. In fact, I went so far as to become a librarian. We spent our summers in NH and every 2 weeks we'd go into Keene & I could borrow 5 books from the public library. It was agony. I am a slow reader today because I forced myself to read slowly so I wouldn't run out of book before the 2 weeks were up! Meredith

  2. Meredith
    Thanks so much for sharing your love of libraries. I never went to the Keene Library, but I have been in the town. My grandmother lived in Hinsdale, not far from Keene. Interestingly, I found my Uncle Bill's old comic books and would spend the summer reading and re-reading them.


  3. I love that my library has CD's I can borrow. Without dishing out a lot of cash for a CD, I can check out a variety of music I might have otherwise heard. I love looking for recipes and home decorating ideas there, too. But most of all, I just love hanging out with the smell and sight of all those wonderful books.


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