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Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Lull

I do sometimes detest August. There's heat, humidity, haze, and....exhaustion. As a working writer -aka a writer who must work outside the home in order to keep the roof over their heads, I have hit my time of the year, where I feel like I am behind the eight ball. I've released an anthology, a single, and sent another story back to the editor. Now, I sit and look at the calendar and wonder what's next.

Oh, I have a list. (Doesn't every writer?) I have it broken down in my planner... but life often interrupts at the most inopportune moments. Last week, it was husband's gout. This week its odd hours for the work schedule and unfortunately having the same day off as my husband. And we all know that means, "Honey, can you come help me?"

So I'm grabbing my calendar and studying my notes. I can do this. I can get a short done between now and the end of September, while plotting a holiday story. Yep, all is well.

Until next time.....


P.S. Don't forget to check out the summer anthology. Another short story from Rebel's Crossroads, Winning Her Heart and continue on with Random Acts of Kindness, and the full length novel, Playing With Fire.





  1. Nan, I am in awe of all you are doing during Dog Days. You must be a Greyhound to be dashing along with all this outpouring of book releases and plans for releases. While I, poor laggard that I am, can scarcely muster the energy to prepare a post for the month. I wish you great success with these new stories which I know will be sprinkled with your wonderful small town humorous characters and plots. Who doesn't love to read about a kinder, gentler world in these days of such turmoil? Keep'em coming!

  2. Ohmagosh, I can really relate to this. August makes me feel like a slug. I thought about turning my WIP which is a novel into a short. I think I've run out of gas. So I'm crawling through this WIP in the hopes that I can fix all the grrr places when the weather cools.
    I want to wish you luck with your short and your holiday story plotting. I don't doubt you getting it done if you're determined to do so. All the best, Nan.

  3. Nan,
    Sometimes, it is difficult to juggle everything and still find time to write. I wish you luck in finding the time you need to pen one of your wonderful tales. :)


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