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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Falling into Autumn

My husband's grandfather was fond of saying, "You can fall anytime, but in September comes Autumn."

It's all true. Autumn is a great time. I love stories set in the change of seasons. There are so many settings and ideas in which to create havoc. Autumn highlights bring to the forefront home and family. It is the perfect time to create small town stories set around harvest festivals, Halloween activities, Thanksgiving, all leading to holiday stories.

Small town stories bring back the warmth and nostalgia of life that never grows old. Stretch your fancy and imagine a single mother moving into a new community and doing what's best to help her child fit in to a new school. Can she find love with the mechanic that saves her car. Or perhaps, she butts heads with the new principal, a single man, at the school. She is elected to the PTA and finds herself pitted with the man in order to organize the local fall festival.

Thanksgiving could find an estranged family members returning to their roots only to be rocked at the core by a family tragedy. Can love between estranged spouses or an old love rekindled, mend broken hearts?

Holidays bring their own wave of magic to small towns. High school rivalries are stirred up as opposing teams compete over building the best holiday float. Even better, an old grump can be visited by friends of his past in order to change his heart for the better. Maybe you could go inspirational, a young minister tested as he tries to bring a message of hope to his congregation. His mentor, the old pastor, tries to steer him in the right direction.

Whatever your choice, let the fountain of stories come forth. Bring on the fun, bring on the love, and let your imagination take wing. Welcome Autumn and bring on your magic.

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About the Author

Home is where the heart lies. Nan O'Berry grew up listening to stories at her grandparents' feet. So it's not surprising that her love of a good story pushed her to begin writing her own tales for enjoyment. As these grew she shared her historical perspectives about the heroes of her imagination, cowboys, lumberjacks, and the country they founded.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Degree from Old Dominion University, Mrs. O’Berry loves finding those interesting facts that might lead to a good story. So pull up a chair and grab that glass of sweet tea and enjoy.



  1. I enjoyed this post, Nan. I'm an autumn addict myself. The season brings out my best creative urges. In every survey I've ever taken about choosing colors for my "best look" or decorating, I'm always labeled as an "autumn personality." Well, I could have predicted that! Sounds like you are another one.

  2. Those are all wonderful story ideas, Nan. You're so right about the inspiration that seems to come with autumn. It is such a feel good time of year when the air feels crisp and invigorating, the colorful leaves are on display, and overhead the birds are flocking to their winter homes. I look forward to autumn every single year.
    This was a lovely blog, Nan. I wish you all the best

  3. In Texas, we barely have autumn. Few trees in our part of the Hill Country turn colors, for we have all live oaks. And these lose their leaves in the spring when the new green leaves push the old out. But we love it anyway. In a Texas Autumn, we wait for that first cool air....which has not yet arrived. True, autumn can bring forth new feelings and a richness of stories maybe connected with autumn. Good post.

  4. I love Autumn: so glad to live where the leaves turn colors, the air becomes crisp, and the apple orchards are open.


  5. In California, where I live, we don't see the changes of the season, but I do love Autumn. It means Halloween time for me and I love to decorate the house for the season. Pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and other Halloween fun. :) Enjoyed your post.


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