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Monday, October 10, 2016

Bring On The Ghosts, The Monsters, And, Don’t Forget The Clowns by Sarah J. McNeal

I thoroughly enjoy creating creepy landscapes and populating them with wicked witches, slithery creatures in a haunted lake, and man eating monsters…but clowns? I’ve never written a scary, creepy clown into a story, but I have read some terrorizing stories with a deadly clown involved including recent stories in the news.

It’s all over the news lately about creepy clowns disturbing the serenity of the public by appearing in places where the clowns just stare at people in a menacing way. I’ve even seen on the news where the presence of a clown made people run for their lives. A good friend of mine told me last night that her granddaughters are now afraid of the woods because an evil clown might be in there lurking just waiting for some little girls to come into his lair. Well, that’s a shame really because clowns are supposed to make us laugh.


I haven’t seen the new series on TV titled American Horror Story in which a malignant appearing clown goes after people. And, of course, there is the book IT by Stephen King in which a clown lures unsuspecting children into his lair. There are times when I regret reading that book. I’ve never felt the same about clowns since then.

IT by Stephen King

Maybe someday I may write a clown into a book. The thing is, clowns are REAL—so that ups their spine-chilling factor by a hundred per cent. I don’t know if I’m really ready to write a story with a disturbing clown in it just yet, but I’m all in when it comes to monsters, witches, ghosts and haunted places. 
I like to include someone in my stories that knows about the things that thrive in haunted, dark places and knows how they can be defeated even though it may be extremely difficult. My favorite person to fill this roll is Pennytook, the Gypsy. Not only is he smart, but he’s courageous.

Pennytook has taken a supportive roll in the three books included in the trilogy, LEGENDS OF WINATUKE. Finally, I got the chance to write Pennytook’s story with him as the hero. I wrote PENNYTOOK for the fall collection, MYTHS, LEGENDS, AND MIDNIGHT KISSES. He’s led a difficult life and suffered greatly at the hands of the witch, Mahara, but in this story, Pennytook finally finds love and reward for all his courageous acts. Of course he will have to overcome the Niamso monsters before he is rewarded, but he gladly lays his life on the line for the beautiful trick rider, Esmeralda.

So, I have at ask, have any of you written a story with an evil clown? Do you have monsters lurking in haunted and dark places in any of your stories? Have you ever dressed as a clown for Halloween?
I wish you all a fun-filled Halloween. Just keep a look-out for those clowns.

 Sarah J. McNeal is a multi-published author of several genres including time travel, paranormal, western and historical fiction. She is a retired ER and Critical Care nurse who lives in North Carolina with her four-legged children, Lily, the Golden Retriever and Liberty, the cat. Besides her devotion to writing, she also has a great love of music and plays several instruments including violin, bagpipes, guitar and harmonica. Her books and short stories may be found at Prairie Rose Publications and its imprints Painted Pony Books, and Fire Star Press. Some of her fantasy and paranormal books may also be found at Publishing by Rebecca Vickery and Victory Tales Press. She welcomes you to her website and social media:


  1. I've never liked clowns. They creep me out and add all the horror tales that have clowns in it, I don't believe I'm going to change my mind any time soon. lol Have I written a story with a clown in it? Nope, and probably won't. lol

    Sarah, I really liked your story in the Myths, Legends and Midnight Kisses. Horror, myth and romance, an intriguing combo that I enjoy. :)

    1. Karen, I don't think I want to write about clowns either. I have always thought they were weird and sinister--except when I was four. My mother made me a clown costume to go to a carnival. I remember being so excited I jumped out of the car before it came to a stop. Pop stopped the car and hurried back to where I lay on the gravel so upset. He thought he had run over me.
      Thank you so much for your very kind words about my story in the anthology. When I had cancer, I worried that I had not written Pennytook's story. It's weird what bothers a person when they are battling something like cancer. I had intended a long story, but I was so afraid I wouldn't have time to finish it that I made it a short story.
      Thank you so much for coming and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  2. You know I am the "Natural Born Fraidy Cat." I've never like Halloween and all that goes with it. We weren't allowed any of this kind of fun because of the church we attended...I'm sure you know what I mean.
    But my kids were allowed to do it all, and they did. I overcame this attitude for them...and they always loved Halloween.
    Well done, Sarah!

    1. Celia, I do know what you mean. My nephew's church does not approve of celebrating Halloween, but still, his daughter dresses up and went trick-or-treating when she was little.
      It's quite different now from when I was a kid. We went out in a group and my parents stayed home to hand out candy. They didn't worry about predators and such. Nothing bad ever happened. But if I had small children or grandchildren, I wouldn't let them out of my sight. I'd be right there with them while they made the rounds. It's a dangerous world now.
      That sinister clown thing--a clown just standing and staring at people--really unnerves me. Somewhere down the line it IS going to draw a person with evil intent to lure kids in, or maybe knock off a 7-11 or something. Anyway, I hope I never see one.
      Thank you so much for coming over and commenting. I always love to see what you have to say.

  3. not into clowns.

    and our local schools have had some clown threats. this is not a good year for clowns.


    1. Denise, I'm not a fan of clowns either. I saw yesterday that a person dressed as a clown did, indeed, have evil on his mind. I knew it was bound to happen. Although there is an organization here in Charlotte called The Carolina Clowns whose members volunteer to become clowns for the sake of entertaining sick, hospitalized children, I still can't establish a fondness for clowns.
      Thank you so much for commenting, Denise.

  4. I'm late reading your post, Sarah, which I enjoyed. I learned new things about clowns how sinister they have become. I've always been rather neutral about them but not anymore! As for Stephen King, I read Misery but I can't bring myself to read any of his other books. His images area too powerful and stay with me too long afterwards. Horror is just not to my liking. And that is ironical since I have written several speculative fiction stories that are quite horrific! Happy Halloween.

  5. I read Stephen King books for a while, but like you, Linda, I couldn't get the images out of my head and had nightmares. I had to quit reading them. I'm not really into horror books or movies, either.
    I did not know you had written speculative fiction, Linda. What were the titles?
    I want to thank you so much for coming by and commenting. I know you are a busy bee, Linda, so I really do appreciate it.


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