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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I offer a story about a Christmas Wedding—but the wedding is not between the hero and heroine. It is 99cents on the Kindle and 95 pages long.
You’ll have to read it and learn what happens.
Kailey Lovelace, maid of honor in her brother's Christmas wedding in Austin, Texas, hopes the best man Alex Dunn won't bolt when he sees she is six feet tall and has frizzy hair. At the airport, she almost loses her breath when she learns he's even taller and looks like a dream. If only he likes her enough for the week of the wedding to go smoothly.
Alex Dunn, recently discharged from the Army, can't believe his good luck when he meets his partner for the wedding. Kailey is just the right height and gorgeous, as well. He looks forward to a pleasant week in Texas.
What could possibly go wrong?

         Shelley had poured out her heart in-between bowls of popcorn, wine, and chocolate. Both she and Kailey had overdosed on such rich indulgences.    
The doorbell rang…and rang and rang. Kailey stumbled to the door and peeked through the security peephole. Alex. And Sam.
With a little adrenalin perking her up, she opened the door, standing there in her lacy black bra and a pair of too short sweat pants that came to mid-calf. She pointed a finger at both men and said, “If you laugh, you can just turn around and go home.”
Sam groaned and covered his eyes. “Sheesh, sis, put on some clothes.”
She glanced at Alex. He stood with his hands in his coat pockets, grinning, looking from her eyes to her breasts, and back to her eyes. Funny, she wasn’t embarrassed. I’d have on less if I were in my swim suit. And she liked the little thrill that ran through her.
Leaving the door open, she turned away, waving her hand at them. She looked around the room, under the table, behind the sofa, when finally she found the sweatshirt—one of Sam’s, too—behind a door. Pulling it over her head, she walked as straight as she could to the sofa, shoved Shelley’s feet to the side, and sat down.
“Sit up, Shelley. The guys want to talk.” She glared at both of them. “Well, sit, both of you. I’ll get a crick in my neck looking up. Hey, Shell, wake up. Look who’s here.”
Shelley slowly moved to a sitting position and barely glanced at Sam and Alex. They’d taken the chairs facing the sofa. Alex still had that stupid little grin—it used to be intriguing, now it was stu… no it wasn’t. Who was she trying to fool? He still displayed that dimple, the one she couldn’t take her eyes off when he did that little mysterious smile thing.
Sam leaned forward, propped his arms on his thighs, and linked his fingers. “Shelley, what the hell are you doing? You’ve got to tell me. I’m going crazy, here.”
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Celia Yeary
Romance, and a little bit of Texas


  1. Looks cute. I ordered it, and hope I can get time to read it by Christmas!

  2. Replies
    1. At least its different from what I usually write! And yes, it was fun to write.

  3. I love that your heroine is tall and has frizzy hair. Although I see the hero likes these qualities in her, I am not fooled. I know how your stories go and that's why I know the road to love will not run smoothly. I see it's a contemporary, a time period you don't write about very often. I know it's going to be a fantastic story and I can't wait to read it.

    1. Hi--you know Linda Swift--she's me reader and long-time friend...she's read every single thing I've ever written. She had told me, more than once, that my "contemporary voice" was better than my "historical voice." I've written several contemporaries..but three, Sarah, are pulled from original publishers and sit in Archives in my files. Some day....

  4. Really enjoyed this story, Celia. :) Yes, it was different, but pleasantly so. So you have a few more contemporary tales... You should dust them off and get them out there again for those hungry readers looking for more of your wonderful stories. :)

    1. Hi, Karen..I have talked to Rebecca about them...just dragging my feet. I'm trying to think of a good way to make a series out of them...all are set in small fictional towns in Texas.....so, one day, I should...when I do some rewriting on them.


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